2013 Mega Pack
We're getting ready to start work on our new GridReality project but need to clear out some excess inventory in our warehouse (aka. Steve's living room). We have bundled up all the available Map Packs and discontinued individual map sales! So get them while they're available ... because they are definitely limited!

Includes (New Configuration): Map Pack 1 (The Corporation/The Mental Ward), Map Pack 3 (The Mansion/The Chemical Plant), Map Pack 4 (The Jungle Ruins/The Prison Camp), Map Pack 5 (Beach Invasion/The Warehouse), Map Pack 6 (The Sewer/The Courtyard), and a BONUS MAP!
Sold Out; Again! Taking Inventory; and putting together a smaller configuration with the remaining maps. Thanks!
Free Domestic US Shipping!
Map Pack 6: The Sewer/The Courtyard (Double-Sided)
The Sewer - Take the fight under the streets on this new location. Plenty of water terrain here for you aquatic teams and there is certainly no shortage of water here. The map is designed to work with "grounded" characters as well, there are still plenty of unhindered paths for them to take, they are just a bit more narrow. Twists and turns here and watch your line of fire or you might find yourself caught in the crosshairs.
The Courtyard - A map totally separated in the middle by an elevated bridge and besides over it the only way around it is through the buildings on the side. It's a race to the high ground, but don't worry if your opponent sets up on the bridge first, there is plenty of hindering terrain to duck behind as the bullets, beams and ion cannons ring out. Don't forget the water terrain in case you need to cool off.
Map Pack 5: Beach Invasion/The Warehouse (Double-Sided)
Beach Invasion - Just in time for the Captain America Gravity Feed next month. Are you ready to storm the beach and take the Fortress? This map has a little something for every team out there. This is also the first preprinted map that you can buy with the new "Multi-Elevation" terrain rules, which use transitional triangles to show where non powered characters can change elevations. While not an official map, this map is officially awesome!
The Warehouse - Storage Boxes create a labyrinth of cover and elevated terrain to get the jump on your opponent. You can hide in the maze but watch out from above as an opponent can easily pick you off from up on high. Be careful where you place your object tokens as you don't want to block your escape. Weird, what if I place this map next to Map Pack 3 and 2 ... ?
Map Pack 4: The Jungle Ruins/The Prison Camp (Double-Sided)
Jungle Ruins - From the edges of the jungle an the old site of a ruined temple stands. Vines and weeds have all but consumed it's marble steps. A top a platform of elevated terrain is an ancient fountain with steps that lead to who knows where. To the south a crater now full of water. Downed pillars offer some protection from the jungle sounds. Your adventure begins and might very well end here.
Prison Camp - A Prison Camp with virtually no where to hide there is no chance of escape. Guard towers surround the Prisoner Barracks which is almost the only protection you will find from them unless you dare try to take refuge in the cruel Medical Lab that stands in the north/east corner. Good luck, you'll need it.
Map Pack 3: The Mansion/The Chemical Plant (Double-Sided)
Chemical Plant - Environmentalist are up in arms about our new map. Set deep in a reclusive area, a nasty Chemical Plant pumps it's deadly chemicals into the water. A location with some interesting terrain features, plenty of high ground and a few places to hide. This map has a feature never done before, "elevated water terrain". The Chemical Plant connects to itself and The Swamp (Map Pack 2) for hours of Big Map Fun!
The Mansion - A Rich Playboy, the Front for a Crime Fighting Family or a Crime Organization or just an everyday living area, this location can be anything. Storm through the doors and start blasting. Plenty of different terrain features to give almost any team an advantage or disadvantage. If you own 2 this map can be rotated and connected to itself as well as connected to the Park Map for large battles or multiplayer games.
Map Pack 2: The Swamp/The Park (Double-Sided)
The Swamp - An Outdoor/Indoor map where evil masterminds plot and decide their sinister plans. This map has all terrain types to help almost any team put up a fair fight.
The Park - A great map geared towards Stealth teams!
Both The Swamp and The Park connect to additional copies of the same map to extend the play-area for multi-player goodness!
Map Pack 1: The Mental Ward/The Corporation (2x Single-Sided)
The Mental Ward - A great indoor map with lots of twists and turns, with plenty of places to hide and duck into. The further you go into the Ward the more twisted and dark your stay will become. Can you beat your opponent or will your opponent beat you?
The Corportation - A great indoor map with pinch of outdoor. Lots of hindering terrain to move around and hide in, plus some blocking. Plenty of small rooms to get trapped in or if you're lucky ... tie up your opponent. This map was a local favorite at my old venue, now you can own it too!
Christmas 2010: Santa's Workshop
The North Pole, Big Red's House, Santa's Workshop ... whatever you want to call it, it's place where Santa Claus himself calls home, and it's the latest battleground from GridReality, just in time for the Holidays! We have included three scenarios as well as applicable tokens.
Halloween 2010: Center of the Earth
A map with lots of elevated, very little blocking, and no hindering ... except what you provide with your own objects. Now one thing you will notice is that there are no starting areas. There is a reason for this. You can link these maps with themselves to make huge maps. So you the players decide where your starting areas should be!
The Underground Lair (Single-Sided)
Every vigilante needs super secret hide out; and this one's for you. Nestled in the foothills of some unknown area, The Underground Lair is a great buy in this economy. Move-in ready. No bedrooms, One bathroom ... and a whole lot of cool! Secret identify not included; must be a super-hero/villian to apply.
RealmWorx Headquarters (Single-Sided)
If you listen real close; you'll hear Typhon coding feaverishing above the gentle hum of the servers. Do you dare to go toe to toe with your opponent within earshot of the one who wields the banhammer? Wage war with your friends in the RealmWorx Headquarters; stop by the game room, play in our research area ... and please put the seat down (and flush!).
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